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Choose a hymnal edition to explore our products:
  • Christian Worship [CW] - Northwestern Publishing House, 1993 (WELS)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary [ELH] - MorningStar Music, 1996 (ELS)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Worship [ELW] - Augsburg Fortress, 2006 (ELCA)
  • Lutheran Book of Worship [LBW] - Augsburg Publishing House, 1978 (ELCA)
  • Lutheran Service Book [LSB] - Concordia Publishing House, 2006 (LCMS)
  • Lutheran Worship [LW] - Concordia Publishing House, 1982 (LCMS)
  • The Lutheran Hymnal [TLH] - Concordia Publishing, 1941

Music is an outstanding gift of God and next to theology ... I would not give up my slight knowledge of music for a great consideration ... and youth should be taught this art ... for it makes fine skillful people ... I would certainly like to praise music with all my heart as the excellent gift of God which it is and to commend it to everyone.
Martin Luther

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